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We offer a wide variety of services including:

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A total disassembly of the unit.  Rebuilding or replacement of components that do not meet O.E. M. specifications.  Bearings and seals are automatically replaced. Reassembly of the unit to new condition with quality verified to standards.


Only upgrading a portion of the unit.  Normally the electrical portion to the latest available technology.  Retrofitting can be incorporated as part of the rebuilding process depending on the customer's needs.


Completing tests to determine the deficiencies of the unit.  A report is supplied to the customer with the cost to only repair those items.

We will work not only on the Roto Grind brand but also DeVlieg, Swift Ohio, M & M, Pratt & Whitney, Rotab, Golden Sun, Ferguson, Elmeldingen, Giddings & Lewis and others.