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A specialty inspection system using a rotary grinding table

Build It & They Will Come

A Roto-Grind rotary grinding table model 307V

ROTO-GRIND HD (Heavy Duty)

Rotary Grinding Tables

As manufacturer's tolerances and specifications have become more exact on more exotic substrates, Roto Tech recognized the need for an even more precision in CNC spin table milling.

Roto-Grind HD models are available in sizes from 7" - 24" and engineered to produce ultra-true grinding results on the most challenging substrates like silicon, quartz and ceramics.

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Rotary Grinding Tables

The rigidly precise construction of the Roto-Grind Rotary Grinding Table provides the ideal design for a specialty inspection system.  

Roto-Grind has been the premiere brand for precision motion and metrology systems for specialized inspection and gear manufacturing process control needs.

A Roto-Grind rotary grinding table model 410LB


Rotary Grinding Tables

Roto-Grind Low Boy models maintain all the quality, rigidity and reliability of the Roto-Grind Standard models but are engineered with a lower profile for continuous spin table applications requiring added clearance.

Roto-Grind Low Boy models are available in sizes from 7" - 15" and are ideal for precise inside diameter, outside diameter and surface grinding as well as lapping, inspection and assembly applications.

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A Roto-Grind heavy duty rotary grinding table model 1012HD


Rotary Grinding Tables

As the manufacturer of the premiere rotary grinding table brand, Roto-Grind, we are the preferred resource to rebuild, retrofit and repair virtually any make or model of continuous rotary grinding table on the market. 

Roto-Grind has been the premiere brand in precision rotary grinding for over a half century. Call us to bring your rotary grinding table to better-than-new condition.

A large rotary grinding table assembled after a retrofit and repair operation



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Roto Technology is now Roto Tech

Roto Tech Inc. offers many of the rotary grinding table products that were originally manufactured by Roto-Technology Inc as well as rotary grinding table rebuilding. Roto Tech Inc. started in 2002 with the same expertise that has been  used in providing Roto-Grind Precision Rotary Grinding Tables and surface inspection systems since 1958.

Roto-Grind Precision Rotary Grinding Tables

Roto Tech manufactures Roto-Grind Precision Rotary Grinding Tables, the industry leader for precision rotary grinding applications. Roto-Grind Rotary Grinding Tables are available in three models and a wide range of sizes and configurations to provide superior results for your specific continuous spin applications.

A Roto-Grind Rotary Grinding Table in action on a jig grinder at our friends at United Technical. A versatile tool in their shop, United Technical, "highly recommends" the Roto-Grind brand for your precision rotary grinding applications.

Check out their post on their LinkedIn page or these hashtags, #Rotogrind, #Rototech, #Spintable, or #JigGrind.

Precision Rotary Grinding Tables

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Welcome to Roto Tech Inc.  We are proud to provide our customers with a wide variety of solutions for rotary grinding applications including Roto-Grind precision rotary grinding tables, rotor surface inspection systems, manual rotary grinding tables, CNC rotary grinding tables, used rotary grinding tables, special designed rotary grinding systems, rebuilding, retrofitting and repairing of rotary tables.  

Roto-Grind rotary grinding tables provide the most highly accurate machining and grinding capabilities known in the industry.  These highly precise rotary grinding tables can be used on surface grinders, jig grinders, mills, EDM machines and inspection applications when accuracy counts.

A Table by Any Other Name

The Rotary Grinding Table has accumulated a few nicknames over the years, Rotary Table, CNC Spin Table, Rotating Grinding Table, Continuous Rotating Table, RoTab, Spinning Table, and Continuous Spin Table, to name a few. 

Whatever you call it, for over a half century one name is the recognized global leader in rigidly precise rotary grinding solutions, Roto-Grind!


Rotary Grinding Tables

Manufactured since 1958, the original Roto-Grind models have stood the test of time. Roto-Grind Rotary Grinding Tables provide superior results and are relied on in numerous industries requiring ultra-tight tolerances, including aeronautics, electrical and silicon valley.

Roto-Grind Standard models are available in sizes from 7" - 15" and are ideal for precise inside diameter, outside diameter and surface grinding as well as lapping, inspection and assembly applications.

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