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Roto Tech Inc. manufactures precision rotary grinding/lapping tables that are used with surface grinders, jig grinding machines, vertical machining centers and other machines to accomplish grinding/lapper operations not possible with the machine tool itself.  The company has expanded its product offering in the silicon/quartz/ceramic industry with the Roto Grind model 1012HD rotary table. It features a very robust steel housing, a set of angular contact bearings for low friction while holding tight tolerances, triple seals for the aggressive environment, porting through the spindle for vacuum chucks and optional pneumatic table locking system. The portable control unit converts AC line voltage to DC power for the 1hp motor providing variable speed range of 10- 175rpms in either clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.
Roto Tech Inc. offers a complete line of precision rotary grinding/ lapping tables from 7” to 24” diameter in either standard, low profile or heavy-duty configuration.  Optional features include air bearings, air purge, special rpm speed ranges, heavy duty motors, manual shot pin table index, magnetic chucks and sine plates for angular configuration for grinding cutters and chamfers/radii on components.  These rotary grinding/lapping tables can be custom built to your requirements. These rotary grinding/lapping tables are also used for inspection and assembly.                           |  | 937-859-8503