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An older continuously rotating rotary grinding table sitting in a corner of cnc milling shop

An early Roto-Grind Precision Rotary Grinding Table manufactured by M&M Precision Systems.

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Before Roto Tech and Roto Technology, Roto-Grind Precision Rotary Grinding Tables were manufactured by M&M Precision Systems in Dayton, Ohio. M&M Precision Systems (later purchased by Gleason Corporation to become Gleason M&M Precision Systems Corporation) developed the first full CNC gear metrology system, positioning it as the global leader in precision motion and metrology systems for specialized inspection and gear manufacturing process control needs as well as precision rotary grinding tables which were at that time a critical portion of the gear inspection systems.

The sophisticated versatility of those early Roto-Grind Rotary Tables are still available today and updated for precision finishing of today's more exotic manufacturing materials.

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