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Roto-Grind Tables provide the perfect solution for ultra-precise lapping operations.


Engineered for superior precision, Roto-Grind Tables provide the rigid durability for precise inspection analysis.

The Roto Tech Roto Grind 1012HD precision rotary grinding table for ceramic grinding

Surface Grinding Machine Accessories

The Surface Grinder is the most common of the finishing machines in the average machine shop. The Surface Grinder puts a high quality finish on a variety of substrates with tolerances achieving upward of 1/10,000". This utilitarian machine provides a lot of solutions, not the least of which for sharpening and finishing other tools around the shop.

Whether the surface grinder has a horizontal or vertical spindle, it starts with the grinding wheel. A wide array of grinding wheels are available depending on, for instance, the material being worked, the desired geometry or finish, and the size of the piece. Grinding wheels not only vary by size and width, they also vary by grain weight (fine to course), composition, including diamond, aluminum oxide, ceramic, and more, and the bonding material holding the abrasive elements. In some finishing processes, a coolant system can be installed to improve quality by maintaining better surface integrity in high heat grinding applications.

The work piece, or pieces, is positioned on the surface grinder work table, located beneath the grinding wheel. Most Surface Grinder work tables are capable of moving in XYZ axis either manually or with an integrated computer guidance system. A work table with Sine capabilities provides the ability to swing the table to achieve more difficult angular geometries.

To secure the work piece in place, there are a number of chucks, vices and grips available. Magnetic table chucks are also available and offers quick precision placement without an impeading vice or clamp.

Combining the two together, some shops also use a magnetic rotary chuck, or rotary grinding table with magnetic chuck. Secured to the Surface Grinder work table, a magnetic rotary table with sine capability can eliminate the need for a separate JIG or VMC machine for achieving higher tolerance geometries, including inside and outside diameter and cylindrical grinding. Rotary grinding tables are also commonly relied on for the lap finishing process.

As with many large machines across multiple industries, the more up-time they have, the quicker the investment pays off and accessories can move those metrics quicker.

Challenging Material Grinding

Roto-Grind Rotary Grinding Tables provide the rigidity needed for working more challenging materials, like, silicon, ceramics, and more.

Accessorize your machine shop with Roto Tech Rotary Grinding Tables. Roto-Grind Tables maximize precision machining and enhances machine versatility.

Roto Tech's Roto-Grind Rotary Grinding Table is the ideal accessory for your machine shop. In addition to increased precision, Roto-Grind Tables greatly enhance your machines versatility.

The Roto Tech Roto Grind 1012HD precision rotary grinding table for ceramic grinding
A rotary grinding table positioned on the bed of a CNC surface grinding machine
The Roto Tech Roto Grind 1012HD precision rotary grinding table for ceramic grinding