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​Welcome to Roto Tech Inc.  We are proud to provide our customers with a wide variety of solutions for rotary applications including Rotogrind precision rotary tables, rotor inspection systems, manual rotary tables, CNC rotary tables, used rotary tables, special designed rotary systems, rebuilding, retrofitting and repairing of rotary tables.  Rotogrind rotary tables provide the most highly accurate machining and grinding capabilities known in the industry.  These precision tables can be used on surface grinders, jig grinders, mills, EDM machines and inspection applications when accuracy counts.

Roto Tech Inc. Rotary Tables

2651 East River Rd   Dayton, OH 45439

Phone (937)859-8503 or (937)802-5903   



Roto Tech Inc. offers many of the rotary table products that were originally manufactured by Roto-Technology Inc as well as rotary table rebuilding.  Roto-Tech Inc. started in 2002 with the same expertise that has been  used in providing Roto Grind precision rotatary tables since 1958.

Our new address:

Roto Tech Inc.   2651 East River Rd  Dayton, OH 45439.



         - Rebuilding

         - Retrofitting

         - Repairing

Send us your Roto Grind or other brand rotary table, we will inspect your table and advise you on recommendations for repairing.